MCAT test preparation from NIST with guaranteed results

If you are interested in the medical field and want to succeed as a medical student in the future then you need to pass the MCAT test. Choosing and selecting medical colleges for admission is a different thing, but getting admission in one of the college is a whole new different story. You need to have what the high standard colleges are looking for. You need to have the right preparation to pass this test, to boost the broad educational background and explore the variety of courses in the medical sciences. To meet the criteria you need to pass the test of MCAT. It is a competitive test in Pakistan which evolves test for problem solving, critical thinking, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles and written analysis.

MCAT-Prep-Image-1What MCAT is all about?

MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test where you need to score well to get admission in the medical, dental college or university. The government facilitates the students to enter the test for the admission purposes in both the public and private sector. The knowledge tested in MCAT is related to organic chemistry, biology, chemistry, analytic writing and verbal reasoning. The test specifically assesses the basic concepts of medical subjects and the scientific problem solving, writing skills and critical thinking.

The Test Schedule

The test of MCAT is held in Karachi, Larkana and Hyderabad where about 9,000 students appear from the entire Sindh province, out of which only 900-1000 candidates are granted admission to these high-standard colleges. Karachi district have 400 seats reserved, requiring the minimum qualification as Intermediate Science. The duration is 1 hour having 100 questions, 30 each for biology, chemistry and physics and 10 for the Basic English.

How NIST helps you out?

NIST offers the preparatory MCAT classes. NIST gives professional and relevant medical training to pass the entry tests for the degree in medical science where you excel the basics to score good in the MCAT test. You just need to have the intermediate degree to fall in the eligibility criteria. With the NIST professional training, you excel in the analysis of major technicalities, develop essential skills for MCAT and time sense to complete the lengthy test within the time.

So, wait no more! Get registered today to excel yourself in the medical field. Call NOW at 021-37130092 or for more information, drop an email at or visit:


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