ECAT Test Module: The Detailed Preparation from a Professional Institute

What is ECAT?

ECAT stands for Engineering College Admission Test which is crucial for students if they are willing to take admissions in the engineering colleges or universities in Pakistan. ECAT test module is considered the best testing tool for the engineering students, where it is mandatory for the undergraduates. Passing the test is needed to get admission in good, reputed engineering colleges. ECAT includes four main subjects which are physics, math, chemistry and English. Respective colleges and universities holding this test set the pattern and criteria accordingly. The subjects are in the standard ECAT format, where the English content may differ among the educational institutions.

EcatThe right time to apply

If you passed your intermediate level, then it is the right time for you to apply for the test. There is certain ECAT test combinations with a certain eligibility criteria and passing marks required. For F.Sc eligibility the combination of Physics, Math, English and Chemistry with 60% minimum passing percentage is required. For ICS eligibility the subjects include physics, math, English and computer science with 60% minimum passing criteria. The test is taken on the basis of physics, chemistry, math, computer science, statistics and English.

Test details

The ECAT test module includes 30 MCQs of physics, chemistry and math and 10 MCQs of English. 4 marks are allocated for the correct answer and 1 negative marking for the wrong answer. The test is valid for one session only. In case the student fails to get admission in the engineering college, he needs to reappear in the next ECAT test session.

Why prepare for ECAT from NIST?

NIST, National Institute of Skilled Training, offers professional training and learning to its students. NIST offers the preparatory classes for ECAT to students interested in the learning and career building in the engineering field. We aim and strive to make students successful in this entry test for engineering degree program. Students receive training according to a standard criterion and get good passing marks to get admission in their desired university.

The hands-on knowledge and skills provided by NIST enables you to analyze the major technicalities, develop the essential skills, and also develop a time sense in you to complete the test within the time. ECAT course from NIST starts from June so call 021-37130092 now or drop an email at For any query or for more information, visit our


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