Audio and video editing course helps you in film and broadcasting industry

Audio and video editing course plays a crucial role in the production process for various types of films and videos. As a qualified editor, your demand in the film, television and marketing industry increases.

video nist

An experienced editor’s responsibility is to work on a variety of post-production projects such as editing educational videos, TV broadcasts, corporate training clips, commercial advertisements and personal occasion videos. Much of the time, an editor is responsible for addressing the needs of clients or agency by adjusting raw footage to fit into an endorsed arrangement.

Editing is mostly accomplished for artistic purpose, but legitimate editing keeps your audience attention intact. The work or obligations of these editors are more particular to the task they carry out for the film and broadcasting industry, such as film, music or sound editors.

However, with the technological advancements in the new types of media (i.e. different internet capabilities and video sharing websites like You Tube and editing software’s), this industry has formed into an entire new world and more commercial ventures or organizations are using this services.

Audio & video editing course at NIST makes you a skilled and talented editor to create better clips by increasing your working knowledge in their UK-based programming house during your internship period.

Outcome of this course

This training module helps you to:

  • Gives you an idea of the script and story board
  • Select video and graphic footage and sound clips
  • Create sequence on timeline by assembling clips
  • Cut and trim the clips to convey rhythm and pace
  • Mixing and editing of clips
  • Introduce graphic footage into the video sequences
  • Deliver the project using accurate video codec
  • create and conceptualize imaginative goals in your videos
  • Use vocabulary to create professional clips
  • Select sound clips that support visual clips
  • Create vivid elements that help in communicating
  • Communicate emotions to the audience by assembling the clips

Job opportunity:

As an editor, you may work for a production house that produces films, music videos or documentary films and commercials or even for a software house as video animator, flash animator or story board artist.

NIST offers best audio and video editing course that helps you in your professional life and polish your skills and boost your career. At NIST, students get raw footage and different materials through which they can exhibit their creativity and produce a finished output. To book your training sessions contact at 021-37130092 or you may e-mail your query at


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