The Significance of Learning English Language Course

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, it is hard to underestimate the significance of English language course. Education and communication are essential for thousands of immigrants who travel the world every year. A vast knowledge on the language can create many opportunities in the national and international markets or regions.

English Languge Course - Nist

  • International Language

It is the third most widely spoken native language in the world and with respect to a sheer number of speakers; it is the most spoken official language of the world. Moreover, it is unquestionably the key language of global trade and commerce. In most of the countries, tourism authorities and other officials speak English to engage and interact with their citizens and tourists.

  • Digital Age

In this digital era, English is widely used in all the latest software’s, applications, programs, social media networks, and websites. Hardware installation manual, software guidelines, the product description of consumer electronics and all other devices are usually available in English before being made available in other languages.

  • Higher Learning

In colleges, schools and universities, the primary language of instructions is English. A large portion of the top business universities, media centers and multinational companies use this language in their everyday activity. Most of the journals and policy reports are also printed in this language.

  • Anglo-Saxon Influence

The impact of the United States and Great Britain on political dealings and global relations for as long as 100 years has guaranteed the proliferation and recognition of English as the essentially spoken language in many nations. Additionally, acceptance of American pop culture has also contributed to the primacy of the language. The language is essentially important for the government and high ranking officials so that they can better understand and deal with global affairs and international diplomacy.

  • Job Opportunities

Knowing the language opens up many employment and job opportunities in different countries and markets. Multinational companies and different institutions recruit professionals with multilingual skills; however they also expect the applicants to have good communication skills. Common wealth nations offer tremendous employment opportunities to only those who easily understand and communicate in the English.

NIST is an educational institute based in Karachi offering English language course for all levels, from beginners to advance level. Our professional faculty helps you in improving your written and verbal communication skills. So, get started to enhance your skills. If you want to join NIST then call us at 021-37130092.


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