Get Digitized Audio and Video Editing Course from NIST

Digital editors help to build the rhythm and continuity in the documentaries, commercials and movies. A Certification in audio & video editing course helps you to structure the right story along with aesthetic acoustic components.

A course in audio and video editing prepares you for a career as a movie or music editor. You will get access to all the tools of production and get know different techniques that are necessary to obtain better results.

audio & video editing - NISTThis specific course aims to train individuals the basic foundations and the techniques used in editing. It provides a well rounded bank of knowledge that prepares them to master more complex skills such as audio video design, sound recording, mixing and panning.

This training program helps students to explore and provide them practical knowledge on:

  • When to edit a scene
  • Usage of motion graphics software
  • Video production techniques
  • Usage of photo and acoustic software
  • Creating short web videos
  • Storytelling and usage of script
  • Editing and mixing sound
  • adding graphic footage into the video sequences
  • Synchronization of sound and dialogue with moving images

Rewarding career paths

A career in audio and visual editing allows individuals to work under a director and producer which help them to develop their vision. A qualified editor’s responsibility is to work on a variety of projects such as editing educational videos, corporate training clips, advertisements, music videos and film and broadcasting. Much of the time, there job is to fix the raw footage into an appropriate arrangement.

There are many rewarding options available to the individuals who receive visual and audio training. With the help of this training program you may also snag a job as sound technician or recording engineer.

Most of the audio and visual editors start out working as assistants to senior editors in the production house or broad casting stations. They get to edit movies and television shows. They might also work as freelancers for editing short films and online videos.

Their salary depends on several different factors, for instance, experienced, educated and talented editors get to earn a lucrative salary.

NIST provides the best audio & video editing course that helps students to gain expertise and enhance their professional career.  The institute provides various materials and video footage’s that help students in exhibiting their creativity and edit those footage’s to produce final output. Just call us at 021-37130092 and reserve your seat for training sessions.



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