Importance of Getting an English Language Course

In this global village, students need skills that will prepare them for a rapidly changing working environment.  Communication and technical skills are exceedingly craved by most of the companies and the need for English language course is becoming important for various employment opportunities.


Global Language

Anything created or invented in the world easily gets recognized and accepted across the globe. So, in order to keep up with the pace of technological driven world learning the language has become the necessity of every individual. Today, it has crossed the national borders and reached places where individuals speak different languages. Hence, it is no longer the language of American or British nationals but it has become the language of the individuals all over the world. According to some stats, it has been proved it is the first language of more than 310 million individuals and 380 million individuals us it as a second language. Furthermore, it is listed as the official or semi official language in more than 62 countries. Each and every international organization has their meetings in English.

Lingua Franca

When individuals of two different languages meet or want to interact, they mostly resort to the third language for their interaction and communication purpose. Its proficient use and acceptance has made this language a common language for all the individuals. This is reason it is called as “Lingua Franca” which means common language.


It is important for various and definite reasons:

  • Business

The language is extensively used in international business community. It is imperative to communicate with companies and maintain correspondence with the overseas business professionals to crack a deal in between them or working together on the similar project. Hence it plays a vital role in improving business ties and communication.

  • Education

It is essential for higher education and specific training. It is the basic medium to teach and instruct students. Moreover, all the books on various subjects are mostly published in English all around the world.

  • Employment opportunities

If you are looking to work in a reputed organization then learning English language course is essential as most the organizations hire individuals who has proficiency in the language and possess the ability to communicate and write in English.

  • International Relations

It plays an effective role in maintaining national and international relations. It is basically considered as the language of diplomacy, political affairs, conferences, seminars and meetings.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to learn this language and enhance their relations and communication skills.
NIST plays a great role in teaching English language course to its students and improves their written and verbal skills.


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