Empowering Students with Different Education Courses

National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST), a professional training institute, functions with the principal objective of promoting needs of young aspirants from Karachi to take up different education courses. Our institute provides the aspirants all-embracing knowledge to make them enter into the professional world. For this the training institute offers various education courses related to IT industry and enable students to achieve their target by conducting different training programs such as educational and informational lectures, knowledge based class room teaching, assessment sessions, project based discussions and hands-on experience on real-time projects.

NIST has been providing quality education and training in Karachi since years. We take pride in saying that our students are working at higher positions in their professional fields. We offer training programs under the supervision of experienced and professional instructors. We are known as reputed training institute in Karachi. The aim of NIST is to improve the global competitiveness in Pakistan, through a quality and productive workforce by developing professional skills in the individuals through delivering right education courses and training.

Apart from educating its students, NIST also imparts practical training in areas related to IT such as graphic design, website development, Programming languages like C and C++, English language, and much more. Various short training courses, seminars and workshops are conducted on regular basis for creating awareness and imparting the right knowledge. We have a squad of expert instructors, who provides professional training on modern technologies and tools. Our instructors offer training’s that are easily understandable by students and help them to fulfill their dreams. We understand the requirement of every student and train them individually on the leading-edge equipment to tone their skills. At the end of the training, instructors analyze students’ performance and skills.

In addition to this, NIST also assists professional employees of different organizations and professional institutions to enhance their knowledge develop their skills and apply their expertise in their job to excel in their career.Presently, a fully-equipped training center is functioning at Karachi for providing training to students in different educational fields. NIST current provides education courses in fields related to informational technology, with long term objective of becoming a top-class training institute in Pakistan.

At NIST, we offer fully personalized individual training for your specific Needs. Our training approach consists of knowledgeable lectures, followed by practical demonstration, and finally Student Immersion through hands on experience on real projects. It is one of the timeless methods that have been proven successful.


Cost-Effective SEO Training at NIST

Web has become a global marketplace where sale of products and services are not restricted by geographical and physical boundaries. To enhance visibility and awareness of products and services it is necessary to that your website or business receives huge visitor traffic. You should have professional knowledge on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and must implement certain SEO strategies which make your business visible on search engines.

In Karachi, NIST offers professional SEO training which helps you to have a basic understanding of how to create content which can easily be indexed by different search engines. Faculties at our training institute help you to make understand the process and identify preferred keywords to enhance your search engine ranking.

NIST is a professional training institute providing different training courses to all the students in Karachi. The institute was established with an aim to develop professional expertise and skills in students. The core of our training institute is to provide courses on SEO, website development, English language courses, graphic design course, social media marketing techniques and much more.

Our SEO training course provides students a better understanding of concepts such as on-page technique and off-page techniques; how to use videos and images, best practices for content development and vital files you must have on your website. In addition to that you will get know how on researching Meta titles, descriptions and keywords, Google page ranking, back linking, Search Engine Marketing and much more.

Our classes are conducted by industry professional faculties that help you to use practical tools and provide a methodical approach to enhance the online presence through SEO techniques. We ensure that students will be able to obtain additional information in training program that are of particular interest to them. Our institute provides training programs to ensure that all the students get professional training in all fields.

In addition to SEO training, our instructors also spend enough time communication their experience with their students. We thoroughly analyze whether students are truly getting the lessons and then there is follow-up to ensure that these students understand course and are able to take the information they receive and utilize it in best practice. We help you to gain a professional understanding of how search engines rank websites and pages. With our SEO training course empower your skills and utilize it in best practices. We provide them the opportunity to excel in their professional career.

For more information on our course visit our website NIST

Instructor-Led MS SQL Training Course

In Karachi, Pakistan NIST offers instructor-led advanced MS SQL course Training to its students. When it comes to professional training in a classroom setting, NIST is the leader. Whether you are a professional looking to advance in your professional a student looking to start a new career, or a team leader looking to make sense out of the professional course, you are guaranteed that our highly qualified and experienced faculty will help you develop and enhance your skills.

NIST considers the classroom experience to be the base of our proactive learning approach and we continue to make it more inspiring, practical and knowledgeable for students and professionals.

  • Informational and knowledgeable Lectures
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Hands-on practice on real time projects
  • Valuable student and peer interaction
  • Handouts and other resources to use during and after class

Our approach to training includes advanced and up-to-date course materials, informational learning techniques and testing their skills. Our industry leading training techniques with professional knowledge of instructors help students to develop potential skills to achieve their personal and professional objectives. Our professional faculty possess the ability to expertly assess need, enhance skills, reinforce learning and track progress helps them to deliver the highest training ROI.

Our training programs put time back in your hands with flexible course schedules that allows students to gain valuable skills according to their daily schedule and remain productive. You can customize your training program so that you can learn only what you need without wasting time on what you already know.We have employed instructors that are industry experts and are always ready to resolve your queries and ensure you understand the MS SQL course material.

Our flexible training schedule helps students:

  • Develop and enhance skills when it’s most convenient.
  • Meet individual training needs by controlling the pace of the course.
  • Retain and use that knowledge successfully in their profession.
  • Understand the course with our one-on-one experienced faculty
  • Experience a more practical learning environment with a unique mix of professional lectures, hands-on practice on real time projects and one-on-one interaction with instructor.

Our MS SQL course training builds and develops valuable skills which help to maintain the productivity of learners. Moreover, instructors help students to align individual learning paths to particular knowledge and skills associated with your personal and professional growth.

99% of individuals improved their job performance by enrolling in NIST training courses. So enroll yourself and improve your job performance.

Asp.Net Courses in Karachi

Asp.Net is a programming language that allows a developer to create unique and dynamic web applications. It is also used to create high level and complex websites. NIST offering Asp.net courses in Karachi, Pakistan for developers or IT students.

asp-netAny student looking to gain knowledge and develop skills in Asp.net programming language should join professional and certified institute such as NIST. Asp.Net courses offer great benefits to the students. Initial benefit is that students get ample of knowledge on web development framework. Students learn the techniques to implement code and technology. They get an opportunity to learn from professional trainers with hands on experience. For experiential learning students get online and offline support and resources. Students also get certificate after successful completion of training.

Professional training at our training institute would help students to learn effective use of .NET framework for development of sites. With adequate knowledge on .NET framework,  students can develop dynamic websites more easily and quickly. A proper training in this particular field would help students to develop expertise and land a professional job. With Asp.Net courses and training by NIST in Karachi, a programmer and developer can advance better in their career with better opportunities waiting ahead for their career development.

Today, NIST has a great reputation in Karachi because of its professional training and talented lecturers. Our professional faculty provides training right from scratch so that it becomes easy to understand the subject and help students individually at all levels.

Likewise Asp.net courses are also job-oriented course which train students on different levels such as controlling, using page navigation methods, handling and management techniques, implementation of programming tools and other essential concepts that are beneficial for students.

Such professional courses are taught under the guidance of talented and industry professionals and hence can offer better understanding of the subject as compared to amateur trainers. The courses offered at our training institute are job-oriented courses which help students to improve their skills and perform well in their career.

In the world of digital arena, programming language is touching the next level of maturity. Gone are the days when companies were selecting candidates from any training institutes, regardless of their technical knowledge by just evaluating them on the basis of theoretical knowledge. Now companies properly evaluate the candidate and hire professionals on the job. Thus, NIST is providing professional training which help students to showcase their talent in the industry with great confidence.

If you are looking for professional career advancement, then join NIST!

Strengthen Your Web Designing Skills through Web Design Courses at NIST

The world of web designing is ever expanding, and it’s the area to get into if you have an aspiration to become a professional web designer. Whether you are a beginner or qualified web designer feeling the need to upgrade your web design skills, web design courses at NIST helps to provide adequate understanding of design principles and strengthen your skills and knowledge by building on your expertise.

Unlike other training institutes in Pakistan, NIST offers web design courses for all the individuals and can be completed in as little as two months. Our courses are designed to appeal to all the individuals, but specifically those who would like a step-by-step process. This process will help students to understand the basic designing principles and its functionality. Our prestigious faculty will share important concepts such as UX/UI interface, user-friendly designs and responsiveness. Students will also learn new techniques on how to create designs that attracts the attention.

Web design courses at NIST Karachi, Pakistan are your stepping stone into the exciting and exploring worlds of mobile, responsive, and user experience web design with proactive strategy and technique. Our courses are industry driven, developing skills and talent for a range of high growth industry.Our professional faculty focuses on developing skills you need to create professional and responsive websites easily and quickly using the right tools. In addition to that we keep our students well informed about future web technologies.

Our training module is based on current trends and updates of the designing field. We frequently revise our training program not only to keep abreast of latest changes but also to provide students with current information.Our courses include visual lectures, weekly assignments and interactive classroom discussions. Our training programs are based on unique combination of practical and theory which help our students to learn more successfully.

Our graduates are performing excellently in the employment world. Learn from our professional and talented faculties who work in the industry.When you complete a course you will receive a graduation certificate along with 2 months internship at our UK based software house.

In Pakistan, NIST offers students the best industrial resources required to become a professional and creative web designer. Learning from NIST will help you jump ahead of other designers and also provides a support to your career in web designing.

Dive in deep with web design courses at NIST Karachi, Pakistan and allow yourself to experience and enhance your specialization in the field.

Get Highly Paid By Taking Freelance Training Course

Making a living as a freelancer in this competitive world is not that simple. While the advantages of this profession are huge and countless, the nature of the job as a freelancer can make your life little uncomfortable if you don’t understand the market.

freelance Training - NISTFreelance training course at NIST helps aspiring freelancers to know-how about the profession and how they can win the projects. Freelancing provides an ability to become your own boss and gives you flexibility with time, space and environment. The trainer helps you to understand how you can utilize time for hunting projects or tasks.

Getting the bids accepted by client is yet another challenge faced by the freelancers. The freelancer trainers at NIST help you to write the best proposals which make your job easy to get more clients and money.

Benefits of taking freelance training course:

Long term stability

With the help of freelance training course you will get an idea on how to interact with the client and understand their project. If the project is for short duration you will get immediate payment and if the project is for longer period, then there will be more work for you because of which you can increase your rates over time. The training program will help you differentiate between the projects that have more potential.

Highly paid diversifying projects

Never depend on the one single client. In freelancing world, the income from one source is not guaranteed. So it is important for the freelancers to keep tracking different clients for different projects. Freelance trainers at NIST train individuals on how to write effective proposals that easily attracts the attention of the clients. Getting client is not that difficult but to retain them is more important. Therefore, it is essential to deliver better quality of work. This way you will gain the confidence of the client and will make more money in future projects.


Freelance training course help individuals to develop an entrepreneurial approach. A lot of freelancers get lots of project at a time and they outsource their projects to other individuals at lower rates. Training program builds a sense of entrepreneurship in individuals so that they can earn more money while outsourcing the projects.


Through our freelance training course individuals get an opportunity to develop their network with professional freelancers who are already working this particular field. A great network will helps you to get more projects and get you higher income for referral projects.

NIST provides comprehensive solutions to all your training needs. So just register yourself at NIST and start learning.