Comprehensive Introduction to VB.Net Course

National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST) is a leading training solutions provider, offering educational and professional training to hundreds of student across Karachi, Pakistan. At NIST, we provide our students an environment where they can learn and get an opportunity to build a career through professional and personal development.The training institute is offering Vb.Net Course. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Visual Basic.NET. In this course students get an opportunity to develop basic understanding of the course and build skills to work in the related field. Having adequate knowledge in Visual Basic.NET helps students to produce their own windows based applications.

When you receive Vb.Net Course training at our training center you will be provided with the right knowledge and information to develop expertise and abilities that helps you to perform more competently and efficiently in your job role.

What you will get out of this course:

  • A basic understanding of computer programming and .NET framework
  • A proper knowledge of the how the program works
  • Using VB.NET application to create, read and write files
  • An adequate knowledge on the basics of controls and objects
  • Understanding the advantages of utilizing of modules to structure the program
  • Basic insights on the properties, methods and events
  • Knowledge on utilizing polymorphism to perform the same functions in different ways

Our industry expert faculties believe in developing expert skills in each individual and provide them a boost in their professional career. We not only provide the right training but also provide placements in our UK-based software house.

We are dedicated to provide right training solutions that allow organizations and individuals to experience real professional and personal growth. At NIST, we are committed about creating success stories for our students because we understand that when our students grow, we grow.

At NIST, we hold ourselves fully accountable for delivering our four key promises:

  • Professional training
  • Developing skills according to the job role
  • Foster an environment that enable students to succeed
  • Desired learning outcomes

Our multiple educational and professional training programs are designed to ensure that students maximize the benefits of our training programs. Each course is designed by our professional and experienced faculty to ensure the adequate learning principles and standards to enhance learning outcomes are addressed.

NIST is committed to help its students in achieving their educational and professional goals. For more information on different courses or registration in a Vb.Net course please contact us on 021-37130092.


Why computer education becomes compulsory in our life

The technological advancement and revolutionary changes in our lives since couple of decades have introduced us with computers. Spreading slowly at the start, they are everywhere now, even in every form. From the mainframe computers to personal desktops, computers have taken the form of tablets, laptops, iPads and even mobile phones.

Computer education - NISTThe use of computers is not confined to any field in particular. Every field uses computers for various purposes and to fulfil several goals. Computers are a huge asset to store large data with safety and security for easy access and management. Computers definitely play our vital role in our lives beyond our imagination. Don’t believe me? Try to live one day without technology.

The purposes of computers

They are not storage or processing devices only. Computers also give humans sources of entertainment and various forms to communicate around the globe. With computers, you can get hands to any informative data and knowledge with just few clicks, and communicate and connect with any part of the world in a jiffy. The advent and speed of search engines have made things easier and quicker than before. The search and retrieval of vast information over internet is quick and easy than done in previous times. Educating yourself with the know-how of computers only increases the usage of applications of computers worldwide.

Why educating ourselves for computer is crucial?

This wide application, implementation and use of computers have made it a must for everyone to receive computer education. It is nothing but a need of time. Everyone including students, children, graduates, business entrepreneurs related to any field and expertise must receive the basic knowledge of computers, the various operations and know-how about applications. This is how the basic and practical knowledge completes the overall study of education.

With the computer knowledge, related to networking, programming or any other expertise, you get good employment opportunities and boost your career growth in the modern world. Today businesses do not operate without computers and therefore they only prefer those candidates who are well-versed with computer operations, applications and technicalities. Education of computers has thus become the eligibility criterion to getting recruited in good companies.

NIST offers various basic and advanced level courses incorporating computer education in them to increase your knowledge, learning, know-how and experience. With the professional training house, you get the opportunity to learn quickly, gain practical hands-on experience with the internship offer at the software house, ITSec.

Today Computer Education Is A Need

With high-quality computer education, you build new prospects to your career growth. Thanks to the technology and internet, computer has become the need of the day! In this technological age, if you lack computer knowledge then you simply lag behind the race. Today’s need and demand makes it highly important for every person to get high-quality computer education.

nistLearning computer and internet and different technicalities simply benefits the person in many ways. You surely are likely to go a long way if you have the soft skills along with technical experience. The best part of acquiring education on computers is that there is no limit to the age and field to learn computers. Regardless of your occupation and industry, you can easily get to learn computers to add up your resume skills for much enhanced productivity at your workplace or educational institute.

Learning computer simple enhance your technical skills, making you a better prospect for the employer to work with the basic know-how of the technical side for the development and testing and education about various management details that can easily fit the company.

Basic to advanced level, no matter what type of training and learning you need, NIST offers all. Take up the relevant computer education courses and develop sound knowledge to increase your skills, polish your technical work and stay updated with different technicalities introduced in the market. Being a computer literate gives you an edge over those who don’t have the basic know-how and expertise to understand the technicalities. This way you have the ability to streamline the activities by having knowledge of different languages to code programs. With such a handy course, you add value of your professional skills, benefiting in your job search.

Add up the many opportunities in the pipeline by keeping updated with the computer knowledge and technicalities. Call NIST today at 021-32782416 and get the best package for computer learning along with in-house internship program.