Empowering Students with Different Education Courses

National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST), a professional training institute, functions with the principal objective of promoting needs of young aspirants from Karachi to take up different education courses. Our institute provides the aspirants all-embracing knowledge to make them enter into the professional world. For this the training institute offers various education courses related to IT industry and enable students to achieve their target by conducting different training programs such as educational and informational lectures, knowledge based class room teaching, assessment sessions, project based discussions and hands-on experience on real-time projects.

NIST has been providing quality education and training in Karachi since years. We take pride in saying that our students are working at higher positions in their professional fields. We offer training programs under the supervision of experienced and professional instructors. We are known as reputed training institute in Karachi. The aim of NIST is to improve the global competitiveness in Pakistan, through a quality and productive workforce by developing professional skills in the individuals through delivering right education courses and training.

Apart from educating its students, NIST also imparts practical training in areas related to IT such as graphic design, website development, Programming languages like C and C++, English language, and much more. Various short training courses, seminars and workshops are conducted on regular basis for creating awareness and imparting the right knowledge. We have a squad of expert instructors, who provides professional training on modern technologies and tools. Our instructors offer training’s that are easily understandable by students and help them to fulfill their dreams. We understand the requirement of every student and train them individually on the leading-edge equipment to tone their skills. At the end of the training, instructors analyze students’ performance and skills.

In addition to this, NIST also assists professional employees of different organizations and professional institutions to enhance their knowledge develop their skills and apply their expertise in their job to excel in their career.Presently, a fully-equipped training center is functioning at Karachi for providing training to students in different educational fields. NIST current provides education courses in fields related to informational technology, with long term objective of becoming a top-class training institute in Pakistan.

At NIST, we offer fully personalized individual training for your specific Needs. Our training approach consists of knowledgeable lectures, followed by practical demonstration, and finally Student Immersion through hands on experience on real projects. It is one of the timeless methods that have been proven successful.


English Language Course With Practical Lessons To Improve Your English

Do you want to improve your English, but you are considering which training institutes to choose then you are at the right place.

NIST provides great inspiration to students and helps them to improve their language. Students find the training institute extremely convenient and effective for English language course. At NIST, professional faculty provides individual attention to the students and delivers the lessons directly to them.

English language courses are self-paced, which means students can learn at their own pace and convenient. It’s so convenient for the students that they can take lessons as per their own rhythm. For the students who are tired of spending hours in reading lengthy textbooks or constantly searching web for the information will love the English language course because they are designed to teach usefulness of the language more quickly and effectively.

english-language-course-nistUnderstanding the language with all its richness is made easier with our English language course. These practical sessions are a valuable addition to your collection of learning tools. They are evidently presented; cover an extensive range of topics and makes good use to help students to improve their language.Our practical sessions are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced speakers. Faculties provide vast lectures that are constantly updated with cultural insights. Each lecture is divided into number of bite-sized chunks that helps the students to digest information more quickly and effectively.

Our teaching style is clear and follows practical approach to train students. Learning the language doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating so if you are suffering from overload of information, NIST helps you to learn the language easily and you will improve your English quickly.

We provide English language course with plenty of opportunities for the learner to refine their skills. Our lectures are divided into combination of text and video and they cover a diverse mix of language. For instance, the course material includes grammar, pronunciation, rhyming words, idioms and learning English with song lyrics. There are also interactive sessions that will help them to keep on their toes.

Along with all the traditional methods, NIST helps to personalize the students learning path and make them comfortable to learn the language. The training institute provides both faculties and students with equal access to the high quality content, which can be tailored and customized to meet their needs. Students can also seek out assistance and shape their training program that allows them to improve their language more quickly.

NIST has contributed to education society by creating culture of participation, teaching with visual cues and through English language course facilitates students to improve their English. So if you want to improve your language contact us at 021-37130092.

Importance of Getting an English Language Course

In this global village, students need skills that will prepare them for a rapidly changing working environment.  Communication and technical skills are exceedingly craved by most of the companies and the need for English language course is becoming important for various employment opportunities.


Global Language

Anything created or invented in the world easily gets recognized and accepted across the globe. So, in order to keep up with the pace of technological driven world learning the language has become the necessity of every individual. Today, it has crossed the national borders and reached places where individuals speak different languages. Hence, it is no longer the language of American or British nationals but it has become the language of the individuals all over the world. According to some stats, it has been proved it is the first language of more than 310 million individuals and 380 million individuals us it as a second language. Furthermore, it is listed as the official or semi official language in more than 62 countries. Each and every international organization has their meetings in English.

Lingua Franca

When individuals of two different languages meet or want to interact, they mostly resort to the third language for their interaction and communication purpose. Its proficient use and acceptance has made this language a common language for all the individuals. This is reason it is called as “Lingua Franca” which means common language.


It is important for various and definite reasons:

  • Business

The language is extensively used in international business community. It is imperative to communicate with companies and maintain correspondence with the overseas business professionals to crack a deal in between them or working together on the similar project. Hence it plays a vital role in improving business ties and communication.

  • Education

It is essential for higher education and specific training. It is the basic medium to teach and instruct students. Moreover, all the books on various subjects are mostly published in English all around the world.

  • Employment opportunities

If you are looking to work in a reputed organization then learning English language course is essential as most the organizations hire individuals who has proficiency in the language and possess the ability to communicate and write in English.

  • International Relations

It plays an effective role in maintaining national and international relations. It is basically considered as the language of diplomacy, political affairs, conferences, seminars and meetings.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to learn this language and enhance their relations and communication skills.
NIST plays a great role in teaching English language course to its students and improves their written and verbal skills.

The Significance of Learning English Language Course

In an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, it is hard to underestimate the significance of English language course. Education and communication are essential for thousands of immigrants who travel the world every year. A vast knowledge on the language can create many opportunities in the national and international markets or regions.

English Languge Course - Nist

  • International Language

It is the third most widely spoken native language in the world and with respect to a sheer number of speakers; it is the most spoken official language of the world. Moreover, it is unquestionably the key language of global trade and commerce. In most of the countries, tourism authorities and other officials speak English to engage and interact with their citizens and tourists.

  • Digital Age

In this digital era, English is widely used in all the latest software’s, applications, programs, social media networks, and websites. Hardware installation manual, software guidelines, the product description of consumer electronics and all other devices are usually available in English before being made available in other languages.

  • Higher Learning

In colleges, schools and universities, the primary language of instructions is English. A large portion of the top business universities, media centers and multinational companies use this language in their everyday activity. Most of the journals and policy reports are also printed in this language.

  • Anglo-Saxon Influence

The impact of the United States and Great Britain on political dealings and global relations for as long as 100 years has guaranteed the proliferation and recognition of English as the essentially spoken language in many nations. Additionally, acceptance of American pop culture has also contributed to the primacy of the language. The language is essentially important for the government and high ranking officials so that they can better understand and deal with global affairs and international diplomacy.

  • Job Opportunities

Knowing the language opens up many employment and job opportunities in different countries and markets. Multinational companies and different institutions recruit professionals with multilingual skills; however they also expect the applicants to have good communication skills. Common wealth nations offer tremendous employment opportunities to only those who easily understand and communicate in the English.

NIST is an educational institute based in Karachi offering English language course for all levels, from beginners to advance level. Our professional faculty helps you in improving your written and verbal communication skills. So, get started to enhance your skills. If you want to join NIST then call us at 021-37130092.

Why There is a Need for an English Language Course?

Speaking expressively takes time and determination. Following are some valid reasons that may help you in deciding to enroll in English language course. A few reasons are more practical, while others are intellectual and for career purpose.


  • People like to travel a lot

Learning the language helps you in communicating when traveling because it is the most common language spoken in different parts of the globe. It will help you in understanding the culture of different countries and their perception of people and things around them. With the language barrier, you may not feel comfortable to participate or communicate with others.

  • Professional opportunities

Today, being bilingual is something that each company except from their employees because most of the business transactions that takes place in the world use English as their basic platform. For conducting business functions smoothly one needs to have adequate knowledge of the language. It helps you to speak confidently and convey your message across clearly without any stammering or hesitation.

  • Socializing and building relations

It is not only important for business communications, but it also helps in social interaction. Even though, many countries have their own language, but English is that one language which helps to unite the whole world. It helps in building relations and makes you to communicate with everyone no matter wherever you live. Moreover, listening and speaking to other individuals in English helps to increase the faith in your own abilities and wash out the doubts that are inside your head. It also helps in boosting your confidence level.

  • Entertainment

It is a known fact that today most of the films and entertainment programs are produced in English. The wealth of content and information that the world has access on internet is primarily in English. So, learning a foreign language can be both challenging and rewarding. With the help of English language course you get to watch movies, read books and listen to music in its original form because you can truly understand them.

Get English language course from NIST and improve your speaking and writing skills. Our program emphasizes on improving student’s vocabulary and writing skills. Our alumni students are working in the best companies and they got recognition in their communication skills. Take your first step in your professional career by joining NIST. For any queries or information call us at 021-37130092. Visit our website nist.edu.pk to get the details on course packages.