Empowering Students with Different Education Courses

National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST), a professional training institute, functions with the principal objective of promoting needs of young aspirants from Karachi to take up different education courses. Our institute provides the aspirants all-embracing knowledge to make them enter into the professional world. For this the training institute offers various education courses related to IT industry and enable students to achieve their target by conducting different training programs such as educational and informational lectures, knowledge based class room teaching, assessment sessions, project based discussions and hands-on experience on real-time projects.

NIST has been providing quality education and training in Karachi since years. We take pride in saying that our students are working at higher positions in their professional fields. We offer training programs under the supervision of experienced and professional instructors. We are known as reputed training institute in Karachi. The aim of NIST is to improve the global competitiveness in Pakistan, through a quality and productive workforce by developing professional skills in the individuals through delivering right education courses and training.

Apart from educating its students, NIST also imparts practical training in areas related to IT such as graphic design, website development, Programming languages like C and C++, English language, and much more. Various short training courses, seminars and workshops are conducted on regular basis for creating awareness and imparting the right knowledge. We have a squad of expert instructors, who provides professional training on modern technologies and tools. Our instructors offer training’s that are easily understandable by students and help them to fulfill their dreams. We understand the requirement of every student and train them individually on the leading-edge equipment to tone their skills. At the end of the training, instructors analyze students’ performance and skills.

In addition to this, NIST also assists professional employees of different organizations and professional institutions to enhance their knowledge develop their skills and apply their expertise in their job to excel in their career.Presently, a fully-equipped training center is functioning at Karachi for providing training to students in different educational fields. NIST current provides education courses in fields related to informational technology, with long term objective of becoming a top-class training institute in Pakistan.

At NIST, we offer fully personalized individual training for your specific Needs. Our training approach consists of knowledgeable lectures, followed by practical demonstration, and finally Student Immersion through hands on experience on real projects. It is one of the timeless methods that have been proven successful.


NIST Offers Graphic Design Course for Professionals

Are you looking for graphic designing course? Or are you intended to enroll yourself for this course? Or are you aspiring to become a professional graphic designer? If your answer is yes then National institute of skilled training (NIST) is the right place to get yourself enrolled in graphic design course. Their faculty has the potential to develop skills in the candidates.

13438998_1239595102726301_1987503124149596559_nWhat do graphic designers do?

The main responsibility of graphic designers is to:

  • Craft unique and innovative logo designs
  • Create sophisticated designs for packaging
  • Designing brand promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Create visual concepts that communicates the message and attracts the attention of customers

Significance of the course

With the help of this training program students will get to understand the designing requirements and the target audience. They gain knowledge on creating various design styles and vector graphics. Moreover, this training program will help them to design and communicate with creative visuals and build a strong foundation to design extensive range of marketing .

What we offer?

  • We offer you a complete package for computer graphics
  • Our course will help students to develop and polish their skills
  • Peaceful and learning environment
  • Well-equipped training rooms
  • The best feature of our institute is that we offer guaranteed paid internship after completion of the course and offer jobs to the promising candidates
  • Reasonable fees

Course Duration

The duration of the course is two months. In this time frame, students will get hands on training and gain comprehensive knowledge related to this field. At the completion of this course, students will get certification from the training institute.

Distinctive feature of NIST

NIST takes pride in offering its students a two month internship at their UK based software house. This internship will allow students to enhance their skills by working in the professional atmosphere and helps them to develop contacts with peers from the relevant field.

Job opportunities after completion of program

After completion of graphic design course, individuals get lot of job opportunities to work in this specific field. Multi-national companies are always in a search of effective graphic designers who can create innovative designs to promote their brand. So, this course will definitely take your career to the next level.

How Can I apply?

Call our representative and ask for the registration procedure or for registrations you can visit our training institute and fill out the form with required documents. Decide on your class schedule and start learning.

So, if you want to become a professional designer then enroll yourself at NIST and develop your abilities and skills. For further information call us at 021-37130092.

Things to Consider Before Enlisting In a Graphic Design Course

There are number of training schools scattered all around Karachi and internationally all chasing the same target and aim of training and developing professionals in the world of graphic design. However, an important thing that a student who aspires to become a professional graphic designer should keep in mind that it requires a lot of hard work and focus in the particular field.

It is certainly evident and clear that hard work brings success so in order to become a successful graphic designer you should work very hard, focus on the ideas and concepts and strong determination to work in the designing industry.

Nist graphic designHere are several things to consider before get enrolled in a graphic design course:

Basic Understanding of Design and Art

Having a prerequisite understanding in design and arts provides more grip on the course to the individuals who aspire to become a professional designer. However, some individuals come into this field without a clearly defined aim and objective which obviously fails them as a designer. Individuals who want to join the designing filed should have at least some measure of love and passion for the arts and design because it is the only thing that can bring success closer to you. The love and passion for the field propels your desire to study harder with the strong determination.

The Cost of Completing the Course

The cost or fees of a course might vary in different training institutions. So it is essential to carry out a comprehensive research on the fee and cost structure in the area where you want to take this course. Furthermore, make sure you quantify the traveling expense and other different typical conditions in your comprehensive research.

The Standard and Quality of Training Institute

If you are a beginner in the designing field, then it is imperative to get suggestions of an expert who will assist you in deciding and selecting the best training institute. Today, there are many training institutes in your locality but the fact is some of them are under qualified while some are essentially eligible to provide you the professional training that you deserve and expect from the institute. In addition to that it is essential to look for professional faculty that teaches you the course. With thorough research and inquiry you will in no time locate a best training institute where you can complete your graphic design course and enter into the industry with professional foothold.

NIST is one of the professional training institutes that offers graphic design course at affordable fee structure. For registrations call us at 021-37130092.

4 Reasons for Getting a Graphic Design Course from NIST

Professional designers help to combine symbols, words and images to create the powerful visual messages for your business. According to the statistics, by the year 2017 there will be over 115,000 new job openings for graphic designers. This shows that tons of exciting job opportunity is waiting for creatively talented people.

It is a creative, exciting and professional field where you put your passion in designing images to attract audiences. Every organization needs skilled designers to help them communicate with their clients and motivate people to take action.

graphic design course - NIST

Following are the 4 reasons that show getting a graphic design course is the right career move:

  1. Communicate with others through compelling and powerful images

No one has the art like professional designers because they have ability to connect with people and cause them to act. Their task is to help clients to target the specific market and communicate brand philosophy to them. This means that they should have the skills to understand what motivates clients to make decisions and strikes the chord with powerful images.

  1. Collaborate with others

Other than employers and clients, you may also need to collaborate with advertising managers, copywriters, art directors, and other designers. So, it is more than just a solo effort.

  1. Get updated with new trends

To become a professional designer, you need to get the graphic design course and training. It is important to have basic understanding of industry software such as Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Illustrator and many other technical aspects of designing. While working in the field you may come across new trends and techniques of designing. In short, this course helps you to stay connected with the updates of the designing industry.

  1. Rewarding career

As a professional designer, you not only work in a fun or creative field but you could certainly make more money in this profession. According to a survey, in the year 2014 graphic designers earned a median average of $750.04 per week, or $17.00 an hour. That’s actually better than, working as a low-level associate at a company.

How to get started?

Get graphic design course from NIST to become a successful designer. Our program emphasizes the ability to solve communication problems by thoroughly explaining the design process. Our students get hired by some of the best companies in the country and they got recognition in design competitions and exhibitions.