Strengthen Your Web Designing Skills through Web Design Courses at NIST

The world of web designing is ever expanding, and it’s the area to get into if you have an aspiration to become a professional web designer. Whether you are a beginner or qualified web designer feeling the need to upgrade your web design skills, web design courses at NIST helps to provide adequate understanding of design principles and strengthen your skills and knowledge by building on your expertise.

Unlike other training institutes in Pakistan, NIST offers web design courses for all the individuals and can be completed in as little as two months. Our courses are designed to appeal to all the individuals, but specifically those who would like a step-by-step process. This process will help students to understand the basic designing principles and its functionality. Our prestigious faculty will share important concepts such as UX/UI interface, user-friendly designs and responsiveness. Students will also learn new techniques on how to create designs that attracts the attention.

Web design courses at NIST Karachi, Pakistan are your stepping stone into the exciting and exploring worlds of mobile, responsive, and user experience web design with proactive strategy and technique. Our courses are industry driven, developing skills and talent for a range of high growth industry.Our professional faculty focuses on developing skills you need to create professional and responsive websites easily and quickly using the right tools. In addition to that we keep our students well informed about future web technologies.

Our training module is based on current trends and updates of the designing field. We frequently revise our training program not only to keep abreast of latest changes but also to provide students with current information.Our courses include visual lectures, weekly assignments and interactive classroom discussions. Our training programs are based on unique combination of practical and theory which help our students to learn more successfully.

Our graduates are performing excellently in the employment world. Learn from our professional and talented faculties who work in the industry.When you complete a course you will receive a graduation certificate along with 2 months internship at our UK based software house.

In Pakistan, NIST offers students the best industrial resources required to become a professional and creative web designer. Learning from NIST will help you jump ahead of other designers and also provides a support to your career in web designing.

Dive in deep with web design courses at NIST Karachi, Pakistan and allow yourself to experience and enhance your specialization in the field.

Get Highly Paid By Taking Freelance Training Course

Making a living as a freelancer in this competitive world is not that simple. While the advantages of this profession are huge and countless, the nature of the job as a freelancer can make your life little uncomfortable if you don’t understand the market.

freelance Training - NISTFreelance training course at NIST helps aspiring freelancers to know-how about the profession and how they can win the projects. Freelancing provides an ability to become your own boss and gives you flexibility with time, space and environment. The trainer helps you to understand how you can utilize time for hunting projects or tasks.

Getting the bids accepted by client is yet another challenge faced by the freelancers. The freelancer trainers at NIST help you to write the best proposals which make your job easy to get more clients and money.

Benefits of taking freelance training course:

Long term stability

With the help of freelance training course you will get an idea on how to interact with the client and understand their project. If the project is for short duration you will get immediate payment and if the project is for longer period, then there will be more work for you because of which you can increase your rates over time. The training program will help you differentiate between the projects that have more potential.

Highly paid diversifying projects

Never depend on the one single client. In freelancing world, the income from one source is not guaranteed. So it is important for the freelancers to keep tracking different clients for different projects. Freelance trainers at NIST train individuals on how to write effective proposals that easily attracts the attention of the clients. Getting client is not that difficult but to retain them is more important. Therefore, it is essential to deliver better quality of work. This way you will gain the confidence of the client and will make more money in future projects.


Freelance training course help individuals to develop an entrepreneurial approach. A lot of freelancers get lots of project at a time and they outsource their projects to other individuals at lower rates. Training program builds a sense of entrepreneurship in individuals so that they can earn more money while outsourcing the projects.


Through our freelance training course individuals get an opportunity to develop their network with professional freelancers who are already working this particular field. A great network will helps you to get more projects and get you higher income for referral projects.

NIST provides comprehensive solutions to all your training needs. So just register yourself at NIST and start learning.

English Language Course With Practical Lessons To Improve Your English

Do you want to improve your English, but you are considering which training institutes to choose then you are at the right place.

NIST provides great inspiration to students and helps them to improve their language. Students find the training institute extremely convenient and effective for English language course. At NIST, professional faculty provides individual attention to the students and delivers the lessons directly to them.

English language courses are self-paced, which means students can learn at their own pace and convenient. It’s so convenient for the students that they can take lessons as per their own rhythm. For the students who are tired of spending hours in reading lengthy textbooks or constantly searching web for the information will love the English language course because they are designed to teach usefulness of the language more quickly and effectively.

english-language-course-nistUnderstanding the language with all its richness is made easier with our English language course. These practical sessions are a valuable addition to your collection of learning tools. They are evidently presented; cover an extensive range of topics and makes good use to help students to improve their language.Our practical sessions are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced speakers. Faculties provide vast lectures that are constantly updated with cultural insights. Each lecture is divided into number of bite-sized chunks that helps the students to digest information more quickly and effectively.

Our teaching style is clear and follows practical approach to train students. Learning the language doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating so if you are suffering from overload of information, NIST helps you to learn the language easily and you will improve your English quickly.

We provide English language course with plenty of opportunities for the learner to refine their skills. Our lectures are divided into combination of text and video and they cover a diverse mix of language. For instance, the course material includes grammar, pronunciation, rhyming words, idioms and learning English with song lyrics. There are also interactive sessions that will help them to keep on their toes.

Along with all the traditional methods, NIST helps to personalize the students learning path and make them comfortable to learn the language. The training institute provides both faculties and students with equal access to the high quality content, which can be tailored and customized to meet their needs. Students can also seek out assistance and shape their training program that allows them to improve their language more quickly.

NIST has contributed to education society by creating culture of participation, teaching with visual cues and through English language course facilitates students to improve their English. So if you want to improve your language contact us at 021-37130092.

NIST Offers Graphic Design Course for Professionals

Are you looking for graphic designing course? Or are you intended to enroll yourself for this course? Or are you aspiring to become a professional graphic designer? If your answer is yes then National institute of skilled training (NIST) is the right place to get yourself enrolled in graphic design course. Their faculty has the potential to develop skills in the candidates.

13438998_1239595102726301_1987503124149596559_nWhat do graphic designers do?

The main responsibility of graphic designers is to:

  • Craft unique and innovative logo designs
  • Create sophisticated designs for packaging
  • Designing brand promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Create visual concepts that communicates the message and attracts the attention of customers

Significance of the course

With the help of this training program students will get to understand the designing requirements and the target audience. They gain knowledge on creating various design styles and vector graphics. Moreover, this training program will help them to design and communicate with creative visuals and build a strong foundation to design extensive range of marketing .

What we offer?

  • We offer you a complete package for computer graphics
  • Our course will help students to develop and polish their skills
  • Peaceful and learning environment
  • Well-equipped training rooms
  • The best feature of our institute is that we offer guaranteed paid internship after completion of the course and offer jobs to the promising candidates
  • Reasonable fees

Course Duration

The duration of the course is two months. In this time frame, students will get hands on training and gain comprehensive knowledge related to this field. At the completion of this course, students will get certification from the training institute.

Distinctive feature of NIST

NIST takes pride in offering its students a two month internship at their UK based software house. This internship will allow students to enhance their skills by working in the professional atmosphere and helps them to develop contacts with peers from the relevant field.

Job opportunities after completion of program

After completion of graphic design course, individuals get lot of job opportunities to work in this specific field. Multi-national companies are always in a search of effective graphic designers who can create innovative designs to promote their brand. So, this course will definitely take your career to the next level.

How Can I apply?

Call our representative and ask for the registration procedure or for registrations you can visit our training institute and fill out the form with required documents. Decide on your class schedule and start learning.

So, if you want to become a professional designer then enroll yourself at NIST and develop your abilities and skills. For further information call us at 021-37130092.

Get Freelance Course And Be Your Own Boss

Do you own some special skills and abilities? Wanting to earn an extra bit of income? Or Tired of your 9 to 5 job?

NIST is offering freelance course for the individuals who have skills and abilities to work in the digital market. Freelance actually means an individual who specifically performs various tasks according to his abilities and expertise for different employers.

freelancer course NISTIn a freelance job, people are not bound to do a 9 to 5 job rather they get independence to work on their own terms. They don’t have to report any boss at the end of the day. They are their own boss and they work to satisfy their needs. The more professionalism he/she portrays in his/her work the more chances are that they would get more orders online. Working as a freelancer you will get complete freedom but it is necessary to provide high quality work.

The course prepares an individual to make a lucrative career online. Freelancing course helps people to polish their skills and abilities and helps them to identify different ways to get more clients. Knowing about the uncovered techniques and procedures may help them to attract more clients and makes you more visible in the online world.

This course includes step wise training plan that starts with how to create a profile that looks more attractive to your clients. Each of the profile will portray the sort of freelance work you will probably do.

With the help of this course individuals will learn how to bid successfully and win the opportunity among the competitors. In addition to that, with successful bidding it is essential providing the work that meets the client’s expectation. If you live up to the expectation you will gain positive feedback that helps to attract more clients and you will get more work. However, if you failed to get positive feedback your clients will lose the trust and it will become difficult to gin more clients.

You will set a platform where you can render your services in the best possible way. When you will move up the ladder, step by step, your works get more recognition and clients will be ready to pay you rewarding figures. With proper focus on the work, you can go all the way becoming the best freelancer in the online market. Along the way, you will earn reputation and income with lots of freedom.

To provoke you to take benefit of this moment, NIST is offering Freelance course for freelancers. Join the institute and start working as a freelancer!

PHP Course Gives a Boost to Your Professional Start

The fresh graduates who are looking for a great job in the field of IT might have been thinking that how they can enhance their ability, gain reputation, and turn out to become a pro for the job interview. One of the most essential ways of doing so is to get a PHP course because it is profoundly well known these days and students from little or no technical knowledge can learn and apply for an IT job.

php courses NISTKarachi, being one of the most important technical hubs in Pakistan, gives a cutting edge platform for the fresher to take the admission for a training program and earn a certification form a best training institute in Karachi. There are various training institutes in Karachi that offer better training but NIST is one such training institute that offers training that is suitable for professional IT job market.

The syllabus for this training program offered by the training center covers all the important areas of developing the applications in language. Some of the essential programs offered at the training center include Basics of PHP, objectively designed programming and security or arrays and so on.

Explained below are the benefits of PHP certification:

  • Improved skills

This training program is a brilliant way to improve the technical skills for the professionals. An expert designer can without much of a stretch get certified to get a formal authorization of their programming abilities. Subsequent to finishing a PHP instructional class at the best training institute, you can portray yourself as a Certified PHP Professional and can contest with competitors looking for a suitable IT Job.

  • Get Privilege at the Interview

Getting a certification from the reputed training institute in Karachi guarantees that you will get a benefit at the interview that those without a certification. Besides, a certification demonstrates your aptitude and skills that provide you support and boost your confidence at the interview.

  • Handsome remuneration package

There are numerous developers in this business sector who whine that they are not very well remunerated. In the meantime, there is an incredible demand for expert developers. What’s more, the reality of the matter is that qualified and expert developers are frequently very well rewarded. In this way, when a developer has no real way to exhibit that he is qualified, a certification is frequently the most ideal approach to do so. With a PHP course, you can easily negotiate for a hike in salary.

NIST is the place where you get the official ticket to enter the IT industry with professional standards. For registrations call us at 021-37130092.